Sunday, January 20, 2013

A newcomer - squirrel

Remember, I was talking about making teddy bears and Co. during the holidays? So I‘ve made some of them, here‘s the first one of the serie. A squirrel. And there‘re some others standing in line waiting for some finishing. It was made with another pattern, that I‘ve worked out on the basis of my plasticine model. So I was expecting to make a cat, but the way the muzzle turned out, the way the eyes looked and after the ears were set, I‘ve actually thought of a squirrel. And here it is.

And it was already done a couple of days before, my first reaction being surprise for having a squirrel. So I laid it back and after some days spent apart, I took it again and suddenly it felt right, its character, its look, its sort of spirit. So now I feel ready for posting it. 

Hand sewn of high quality german mohair in two colours - grey and white cream. Muzzle is needle felted of a mix of carded sheep wool, same as the nose. Glass eyes. It's fully jointed, and stuffed with polyester fiber filling

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