Thursday, January 31, 2013

Collage turned affirmation turned wall decoration

This is the way I've turned the collage work from yesterday into something useful. I‘ve written sort of affirmation onto it, that I have to recall myself quite often last time. Choose to be KIND rather than being RIGHT. Somehow I‘m feeling that I‘m sort of oppressing my little girl with ALL the important things I know SO MUCH BETTER. Simply because I'm an adult.  Though I do not actually think that imposing my rules all the way is that constructive. Of course it‘s okay speaking of physical dangers, but anywhere else I really have to hold myself back with „Stop, I have a better idea“. So I should better let her realize hers, whichever they might be. 

That‘s how I made this piece – the most difficult part being to find the right place, scale, and font for the words – I‘ve spent a couple of sleepless hours mentally going through my fabric piles, paper scrap baskets and, and, and… To find at the end that the most simple way would be just as right. And yes, I had to ruin a bit the frame, I've bought long ago - a simple cheap white wooden frame, that I've sanded to let it look older and vintage-like.

Well, now I‘m working on those illustration project or supposably-going-to-turn-into-a-book thing, that has to involve so many things like crafty projects, creative ideas along the reading – today I‘ve started preparing the backgrounds in a messy mixed way. Stay tuned, I hope I can share them soon.

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