Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New year - new projects

And now I‘m happy being back and being able to get started with realisation of all the ideas that had been spinning around in my head during the holidays. I hope your holidays were great and I am glad to see you here again in the New Year, that I'm gonna fill with new projects! 

My shop needs a considerable uplift and have to re-think a lot about it. I'm about to figure out some core projects I'd like to focus on in months to come, I'm gonna spend more time printing and fabric painting, and making some graffiti street art on my textiles, as well as using ornamental techniques. I have some new projects in illustration and in home decorating, well, the "I'd like to"- list is long, I'll stop for now and keep you posted step by step.

We‘re back home since a couple of days and I‘m glad that now I already have something to share  - because my dreamy and easily inflammable self used to immerge into sort of creative nirvana each time I get back home after being abroad – busy with processing so many new inspirations, thoughts, ideas, that constantly invade me en route – and doing nearly nothing during about a couple of weeks after return.

And though I‘m still processing and selecting, and ajusting, and reading new books, and yes, sort of day dreaming about what‘s and how‘s,  I‘ve imposed this time some deadlines for a couple of fun projects for this week to get my hands  in motion again, and not floating around for days.

Here‘s a peek preview of a future textile book – about basic geometric shapes and some funny ways of seeing them - a gift for a very little girl born a couple of months ago. Now I‘m starting introducing some more or less subtle colours to that monochrome trend.

My atelier is still a joyful mess of new paints, and books, and fabrics, and yarns, and cute cards laid out all around, and yes, TONS of useful auxiliaries for my textile-paint-print techniques, and I do not want to unpack fast. Because this is the most sure way that any doing gets stuck. So I force myself to only about an hour of unpacking and playing with my new supplies/reading books in the evening.

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