Saturday, January 26, 2013

New fun saturday project - illustration

It has been a couple of times since I‘ve started this blog, that I‘ve written about some picture projects for children: drafts of colouring books with stories, collage projects, other sketches. I‘ve also talked about that I like often to discuss/explain questions to my little girl to all the „what‘s“, and „why‘s“. So as long as I‘m trying not to reduce some questions to simplistic phrases „parce que c‘est comme ├ža  la vie“, I do make efforts from time to time to develop a story based on those questions. Or based on some important things that I‘d like her to understand and keep thinking each time she finds herself in a similar situation. So when I‘m keeping all those things in mind, I‘m sort of feeling myself being placed in front of a mirrow – like „am I actually exemplifying through my behaviour what I‘m moralising about?“. And yes, sometimes I have to correct and pay attention, that‘s what I appreciate a lot, like sort of secondary effect from those discussions. 

Well, well, this time there were ideas about talking about what to do, when we do not get what we want, about looking around, about patience… Lot‘s of questions that somehow all come together in a little story. 

Remember, I‘ve recently talked on a concept about interactive books, including some challenges as side marks, including some questions, that a child has to answer, about pictures, that sparks some sort of brainstorming activity. So this afternoon I‘ve played around with some illustration to that story. My little girl played as well, so we did a LOT of mess in my studio, that I've recently painfully re-arranged and cleaned. Who cares? It was fun, a bit exhausting though to keep her away from squeezing acrylic paint all around, but obstacles motivate me in a quite effective way, otherwise I would have spent my afternoon day dreaming and doodling. 

So there will be a bee in a story, lots of questions, and some illustration in mixed technique you see below – the same way I work with fabrics, the same way I work on paper – messy backgrounds, some printing, lots of cut work – here's the first attempt, for the rest I‘ll gonna keep you  posted.

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