Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A pouch and a notebook

The notebooks were the starting point of the following project. I've bought'em on occasion, because I loved the pink page board. Then came the idea of changing the cover, and so I did (painted, hand printed) – it was like about a couple of weeks ago. It still felt as something was missing, so I didn't share them here back then. 

Until yesterday, when I realized what's been missing – a little pouch to put it into. To stock the notebook itself, a couple of pencils, and all the memorabilia, that I sometimes collect along the way – cards, business cards, paper swatches, little drawings that I make on grocery payment receipts waiting somewhere and doodling. 

So the notebook doesn't get fuzzy page boards, I do not need to search for a pen everywhere in my backpack, the memorabilia are all in one safe place, and I do not need to carry a tacky plastic sleeve around to hold them together, they do not risk falling out of the book, spread around and get lost – it's all safe, it's all in one place. 

And here's the pouch – slightly bigger than the notebook itself, about 18 x 24 cm. Its front-/ and backside are entirely made of heavy linen – hand printed and painted, then embellished with some appliqué – FOREST FRIENDS and some lettering. I've added a bit of hand journaling - a couple quotes. 

The reason of this rose-orange-greyish colorway is the notebook itself. 

The pouch has a zipper, is padded, and fully lined with some pink linen-viscose blend fabric. 

As you see, there's a couple of them, so another one is for sale – 45 EUR, the notebook included. Though those two may seem quite similar, there are not quite repeating each other. The next ones're gonna feature other colours and other elements.

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