Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New nursery decoration pieces - NAME & BIRTH

Hey there! Now it's something NEW and purely decorative. Another product featuring (ain't I killing you yet?) yes, FOREST FIRENDS!

Lately preparing to visit my friends(with a new born baby) for a brunch I had this idea in the night before driving to their place, but my studio was all just a big piece of messy piles all over the place (spring cleaning fever), so that turned me off. From making it that very day, but not from the idea.

Now a couple of days later my studio looks like (almost) normal again and I got to work. SO HAPPY! As much as I do love holidays, I'm so glad having my calm and quietness back -  to think, sketch, create, work, concentrate... Otherwise I'm way too absorbed with what my family may need, wants to do, or may want to do.. Nothing against that, but it's just not compatible with working mode - always feeling guilty when I work on weekend.

So here's the description: it's all a big piece of coarse silk, hand printed by means of those lino plates that I've recently cut and use nearly every- and anywhere. Then come the FOREST FRIENDS - appliqued and free motion stitched. It has some fluffy cotton batting to pop up a bit the design, so that's not plane.

Name and date are free hand machine embroidered

Passepartout was cut by myself (yep, I have a fancy simple passepartout cutting device, that I finally start using. I'm oh-so-glad now, that I've bought it on occasion - where would I otherwise find the right size and shade here, in finnish countryside?). Heavy cardboard, painted in subtle orange to match the colourway and add some accent, so that the inner composition stands out better.

Frame (a simple new one) was sandpapered and coated with dark olive brown and subtle rosa shade, then sandpapered again - exactly how I'd like it to look like.

For the SHOP/ Purchasing: this product will be made on order - the photos are just examples to give the general idea of the style and look. 

You may choose:

the design #1 "BIRDS" or the design #2 "FOREST FRIENDS"

For the moment only among those two. Of course the colours can be adjusted - like birds may be less pink. The passepartout and frame colours are set depending on how the whole fabric piece looks like, but of course it can be chosen like follows - in olive, warm green, greyish, subtle warm blue or white cream shades.

I hope I'll be able to make a couple more new designs for those fun nursery decorations. Stay tuned. Now I have to finish a couple of new pouches - maybe to come up in the next post.

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