Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NEW - a knitting needle case

...or how to make a break from what you do without doing nothing at all....

Officially I'm still in off-work mode for the next couple of days. I'm re-arranging, re-organizing, re-thinking, well, you name it! By off-work I mean that as long as it goes on, I actually force myself not to start any "creative" project.

Not enough, my friends, I force not enough! Yesterday, sitting on a couch and re-thinking, I had a sudden idea of sewing a NEEDLE CASE. For knitting needles. They are all spread  in different containers/cases/doses, because their diversity simply makes impossible any other sole storage. So re-thinking the organizing I was thinking how to storage them all in one place.  And there's a compromise: it's a creative project, but still being part of "re-organizing" processes.

I don't appreciate plastic needle cases – too small (for my personal needle collection), opaque (never know which one contains the pair I'm looking for), and all the smaller needles are making nothing else than mess and too much noise among the long ones, especially when I need a pair of needles like at about five o'clock in the morning. So if I open it and I'm not lucky, they come all out, roll, fall, and make me crazy. 

I don't appreciate the fabric cases where all needles are together, like pencil cases without compartements – simply wasting time and searching for the right size, so you never know exactly what size might be missing. Frustrating, when you're burning to start a project like at 22:00 or on vacation, when that you sometimes do not know where to go needle shopping.

There're pretty all the possible storages of needles that I've seen, tested and disliked. 

I've already thought of that kind of sewn piece here and then, but the preparation of pattern, and all the measuring/cutting/high precision needed have always turned me off. Happily not now. This time I've been pushing myself through a whole lot of things I'm uncomfortable with (re-organisation being the major of them). So the needle case project seemed quite easy and quick against it.

And here we are: 

OUTSIDE is a piece of heavy linen hand painted and hand printed, with two stripes attached to fix the whole piece rolled together.

INSIDE - patchworked, hand printed and with applique.
So on the inside there're LOTS of compartments devided in THREE BLOCKS

#1: for long needles (left)

#2.A: for circular and smaller needles, measure bands, auxiliaries etc.  (in the middle, with FOREST FRIENDS appliquĂ©, and ZIPPER ).
#2.B: underneath the zipper compartement there's a pocket (green line) to stock something, like a copy of knitting instruction to take on vacation etc.)

3#: for crochets, smaller needles etc (on the right, the piece with a wide orange horizontal stripe).

In my case it's be all full of needles, I just put here a couple of them, not distracting from the design, features, and materials of the sewn piece, otherwise you woudn't see anything but needles here. 

Measurements: appr. 34 x 62 cm.

Can be made on order!


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