Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pencil case "ENJOY LIFE"

Well, this morning was actually scheduled for the children-make-art project, that got cancelled, while I was preparing the necessary setups. So I stopped and got into another creative project, keeping in mind that in fact I had a huge To-Do for today - finishing re-arranging the studio. 

Here's another compromise, my friends - I wanted to make a gift for a friend, and today was "now or never". You see, I couldn't wait! So I got back and pulled out all the carefully sorted and boxed fabrics, nicely arranged paints, scissors, tools, and make a huge step back (a.k.a. mess) in my almost becoming oh-so-fantastically clean and half-arranged studio. 

So far as for organizing, who am I actually kidding? Do I really believe I will ever get my studio finished? 

Anyway, here's the piece - PENCIL CASE/pouch: 

First it's patchworked, then hand printed, with some hand written journaling in deep turquoise. 
With applique and free motion stitching. With graffity-look-like lettering "ENJOY LIFE". 

In parentheses - it's actually what I'm doing, right? - not ranging. Creating. Still having a mess around and not caring about it. Sketching. Sewing. Mixing paints. Printing.... And it's much more enjoyable, believe me or not. 

This pencil case is fully lined, padded, as usual, for more form stability. There's a zipper and a little decorative nubuck leather string. Backside - heavy linen, hand printed. 

It measures about 12,5 x 25 cm appr. And I love it a lot. So maybe you'll see in coming days a couple more of them in another colours. This one is a gift, the following ones will go to the shop. Stay tuned!

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