Monday, April 8, 2013

Confessions on organizing

Looking back to those last weeks I had to admit, that there was a bit less working. I've sketched and prepared a lot, but it's all on paper. Not in processing.

There was another important issue here - I've finally got myself to organizing.

This is a tricky subject, that I postpone as long as possible. I simply stick to the most simple way of making it quick and painless like about 20 minutes a day (sometimes, yep, actually quite often, even less) and cleaning my desk. I carefully range the tools, and at this point I've mostly enough of it, so I spread the supplies that it looks like clean and arranged. 

That means, I find any mere or less acceptable solution to range/clean, often compromising with the sense of effectivity. Simply because in a spot A there's no enough place for two more similar items, so it all goes to the spot B, that may be quite far, two days after to the spot C, or even D, so that after a couple of weeks I forget about one of those spots -  - this is what I call compromising, and by all means counterproductive. Do I need that?

Needless to say, that one day I need something and cannot find anymore. Last week I've realised it makes me sick. All the usefull stuff squeezed all over my studio/our house, all the temporary arrangements that I had made thinking of one day taking my time and getting back to it. Did it ever happen? No. They are still here, all the temporary boxes, sleeves, plastic bags, with no labels, keeping all the most weird and half very important, half useless items. Taking place and getting forgotten.

So this time I've decided to stop it – stop hoarding things I actually barely need in my work, stop squeezing stuff somewhere between a couple of boxes/books/etc.

Why am I still keeping all the old and odd half finished projects/mock-ups that were made like about years ago, knowing exactly I would never finish them, or like those mock-ups would never bring it any further?

It's distressing to finally confront myself with all the storages wide open and asking – why ALL THIS STUFF does take place, the heck lot of place, sometimes prime place on my shelves, if I actually would never use it (like about 98% of probability). Clean, nicely piled/boxed, but WITH NO SENSE! Why do I keep all those fabrics in the centerpiece of the board? Why is the board under my desk – the easiest to reach and to be filled with really essential tools - full of things like wire/furniture paint/empty marmelade glasses or old stamps if I do not use them or like about once in a month or so? And why do I keep putting there even more weird things, that I wouldn't want to forget that I'm having (maybe one day they're gonna spark an idea. But is it worth keeping them under the desk FOR MONTHS?

Last days I'm struggling with „OMG, I simply DON'T want to even think of it, I have like dozens of new and challenging projects on my hands, my project idea sketchbook starts overgrowing and I have new orders“ and „It cannot go like this any further“. Not that it's all mess (honestly right now IT IS A MESS, because of so much re-organisation and all the stuff spread around), but it's like complete re-arrangement from the bottom on.

A couple of weeks ago I've cleaned and arranged a lot, but didn't get satisfied, because it felt like still compromising about effectivity and sticking to things that were not worth and simply moving them around in another corner. So now I'm moving furniture, I'm emptying and re-filling the store boxes, and moving like about tons of thousand little things, I spend quite lot of time on priority issues about what makes more sense and where...

So once it started, it's all rolling down the road UNSTOPPABLY – re-organising bathroom, garment storages, kitchen boards, my little girl's room. I hope I push it all through and do not end up compromising as I've already done quite often before. I really cannot stand any corner with „weird-things-noman-needs-but-maybe-I'll-check-it-later-for-who-knows-what-it could-be-good-for?“ 

And it feels good!

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