Thursday, December 5, 2013

About parenting and work

So my friends, the baby boy is growing well, crawing, rolling and singing. And all that means I need to be around him a bit more as in early days. And THAT means, the list of my activities which I can perform while he's awake is getting a bit different - you don't want your child come and grab your needle as you sew around, or pull the fabric from the sewing machine, or eat your sketches, right? Not to mention the fact, that's rather interesting and challenging to play with him or sing, or do many different kinds of silly things that are funny when you do it to your child, even if they seem not to make any sense. So that's the pleasant part - the baby's getting more alert and interacting. 

The tricky part is though, you know, getting my work done. I'd love to know how you folks are doing, but for me it's got obvious, that a big chunk of work happens when children get asleep. I have a couple of time slices during the naps, though I cannot make too much noise, somehow the evening sleep is the deepest one, so they easily ignore my sewing machine for awhile. Day time naps are more for fabric printing, cutting, stationery making and painting.

But! The most important to me is that it all seems to settle down. I used to think a lot about what's and how's as for the future, but it's coming, I adapt my schedule, and it all moves on, my friends, differently, but it's not impossible. Those have been my fears while being pregnant with the baby boy and thinking that I would have like tenfold less time as I used to have. But nope! Yes, I do have time. I just have to make more efforts to have it, and to keep it from slipping away, and I have to work more focused. That's it - as simple as it is!

There're lots of positive things that come along as your family grows, like you get better organised, decisions are made wayyy faster, and you just make routine stuff because it's on your list (still not to 100%, but, hey, who's perfect?), you learn to say no and save your time, and you learn to take time to see the world with eyes of your children. Honestly, it's pretty worth all the time and efforts, and sleepless nights. I guess the way you'd like to raise your child and how and what you want him to learn/see/think is a fun and smooth way of getting a better version of yourself.

And the last important issue for me is to stay open. Yes, planning is important, yes, keeping the focus as well, but, hey, there're moments that just come along unexpectedly and help you take off the pressure - like those ones, shared today as a drawing. Moments that are simple and yet feel somehow transcendental. You've failed the schedule and messed up the time slice for lino cutting, but for a few moments you feel like there's something special about your life, so please honor it and don't be tough. Take time to find out what you love and go for it! Life's about moments like those, and less about checking off the lists.

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