Monday, December 23, 2013

Making some fun holiday deco

Here's one of those little crafty projects which I was talking about yesterday. I wanted to make some fun decorations. And here's how we started: I've picked paper napkins, in different colors and different pattern qualities (which is VERY important) - I had some of them in solid colors or with very low-key pattern, some of them with middle-sized pattern, bold and low-key, and some with bigger scaled patterns. That's important to make balanced composition and make sure that patterns remain distinct and do not mix and get lost.

Those paper napkins have been cut to ribbons. Pick some nice colors that you love, make it colorful, or keep it in one color family (like pink-orange-red on one of pictures below), or simply black'n'white. And don't forget the tip about the pattern mix - patterns in different scales.

I've cut a bigger piece of cardboard to triangles and glued my paper ribbons onto - quick'n'easy. Vary colors and pattern scales. See picture with the backside of cardboard triangles to give you the general idea of shape?

Next step was to hide the not so nice joints of ribbons. Grab a roller blade (well, that's NECESSARY for the step, for you never get the precise cut with scissors) and cut pieces of some heavier papers to slim and neat ribbons.

The last step (for today) was about playing around with some woven ribbons and cords - to add more visual interest and different textures. I've also put some punched circles in contrast pink just to break the horizontal-ness of the composition and get it more playful and open.

That's it! Stay tuned, I'm gonna show you how to finish it in next days!

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