Friday, December 20, 2013

Fun stationery project - CALENDER 2014

A couple of pics from the calender that was made to put A LOT of children drawings into. That one (two of them, each with different drawings) were given to teacher's assistants as christmas gifts. 

Actually I've planned it way more simple and easy, but then I wanted to test this and try out that. It all worked out pretty close to as I've imagined, maybe except of month name tags - I should have practiced the hand writing better and maybe search for something more fancy, rounded and as much opposite to streamlined stenciled dates as I could. There's simply not enough contrast to bounce off and make them look enough different. I do love hand writing, but it has to look effortless and swinging.

Well, breaking down: I've painted my calender sheets that I cut to about 25 x 32 cm, with brayer and two different colors each, modge-podged some silk paper scraps onto, let dry and stenciled the dates with a stencil that I made specially for occasion. I've trimmed children drawings and glued them. I've made four groups - four seasons, so that each child knew to which season he had to make a drawing. That avoided me having 24 Santas or 24 flower drawings. Month tags are silk scraps, names are hand written.

That's it! Sounds like easy, but was a whole lot of work. I did enjoy it though, I wish I'd had more time to work more on month name tags, they look a bit stiff - see my thoughts on hand writing above. That's why I wouldn't give that project five stars, but I still somehow like it - it was new, challenging and worth learning.

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