Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday randomness

Now it's winter holiday time, my friends, and that means, my little girl is staying home for two weeks, her kindergarten is closed - it's christmas time. And I'm oh-so-glad. That means we can sleep a bit longer, we can make LOTS of fun crafty projects, and there aren't any other afternoon activities, hence we're free to make what we want and when. We'll go art supplies shopping (YES!), and fabric shopping (YES!), and shopping/thrifting for christmas (though it's already coming in a couple of days), and we can take our time.

All that being said, next couple of weeks will be full of some fun and easy projects. I guess I wouldn't have time to make anything more serious than that, but who knows... I'd love to spend those weeks taking more time for kids and appreciating that. Stay tuned and enjoy the christmas time!

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