Thursday, December 19, 2013

Teacher's christmas gift - WINTER in FINLAND

Here' what I've made this year for my little girl's teacher together with other children -  as a christmas gift. A book, where each child has a spread to put a drawing and a little message for the teacher. The teacher is new in Finland, so the children had to come up with ideas what seems to them important for the teacher to do/not to do, to go/visit/try out during coming winter in Finland. I just LOVE their talks about keeping the sledge in car in case she wants try out a new hill, about cleaning the fireplace so that Santa can come through, about listening to the music, about drinking/eating this or that, about what to pay attention to etc.etc.etc.

So the basic idea was to make a folder in my favorite christmas colors with like 20 pages in mixed technique - hot pink, orange, some teal and gold (I guess those colors are pretty everywhere in my work). Children made drawings (about christmas, obviously), and their parents had to ask them about tips for the teacher and write the answers down. And here're some spreads from that book "WINTER in FINLAND  (including the winter coloring book)" - "L'HIVER en FINLANDE (coloriage d'hiver inclus)".

Another funny part is the afore mentioned coloring book. Some children made drawings with black felted tip pen. I asked their parents to pay attention to make those in the spirit of coloring book. Came out some really pretty drawings which I love even more than the colored drawings from the main part of the book (that's why I've started with sharing one of these spreads first, right after the cover). I put them into the folder as well, at the end - and the "COLORIAGE"part was done. Those one are for teacher to colour.

Stay tuned, tomorrow I'm gonna show you the calenders that I made for teacher's assistants - a nice new year present that is great to put many drawings as well.

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