Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New stationery

I apologize for the recent radio silence on the blog, my friends, but it's been a busy time around here. And maybe you don't have that much time for blog reading either - Christmas always brings along so many occasions of gift and card making, decorating, baking, knitting and the time is running as fast as never. Though I'm not that much into decorating home for Christmas, but some interesting eye-catchers must be, but they first must be found (which mostly means thrifted), then maybe repainted (in some non-christmas colours - this year my faves are hot pink and orang-y red) and properly styled - I'll write a proper post about it soon. I'm working on a couple of projects, that I've been postponing long enough and now they're moving on - another coming post.

This one is about stationery projects I'm currently finishing, for instance calenders 2014 just to name one of them.  They simply took me quite a bit longer, as previously intended. Stay tuned, I'll show you the break down in a couple of days (if only they'd be like fifty hours long each).

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