Thursday, May 22, 2014

A new collaboration with kids - PILLOW CASE

This pillow case has been a very looong project.

Remember, back in January-February this year we've been collaborating together with my little girl on a serie of fun pillow cases in techniques of monoprint, drawing, appliqué and stencils. They are here, and here, and also there.

This collaboration was with a little girl of a good friend of mine. And this little girl is a very good friend of my little daughter, and she has been always curious about what I make and how and what she could possibly craft as well. That's why I've suggested that we make something special for her mom's birthday in spring. Because this little girl is regularly coming to our house I suggested we make something step-by-step, working each time like about fifteen minutes. Now it's finished, offered and now I can publish the results.

This project had to take us as about four sessions to complete: 1) monoprint, 2) free hand drawing, 3) stencils and 4) making a drawing on paper so that I could transcribe in into fabric appliqué. 

In a real life it has been more tricky than that. We had some discussions about colors, that her mom likes/dislikes, we had to make some changes, and she has been picky about what fabric pieces to use, or not to use, because she didn't like the results of her own work. So we started over and over again. And I had to find out ways to have matching parts and revisit the whole layout so that I could guide this little girl and help her. All in all it took us about three months with all the non-productive add-on's as flus, vacations, etc.

The end result is something that is completely different from my initial idea, which was about flowers in pink, orange, with greens in between. Somehow we got a little manikin character there, and blue colors, and an apple tree - they were all elements this little girl wanted to have, and I just rearranged as long as I got finally satisfied and realized that the layout felt right.

It was huge fun. I don't bother at all that we got this unexpected thing at the end, and I just LOVE it. This is the message this little girl wanted to convey, and the colors which she/her mom love, so yes, this part was challenging. The end result was worth all the efforts.

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