Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Invitation cards

I've been making the invitations lately. For an anniversary party - my little girl has turned five years old. It's spring time (a bit fresh and cloudy though), so we came up with flower theme, and colors. We both love them. And there're also princesses, or pixies, or whatever, because there HAD to be a princess. I agreed, so please meet a small keepsake we've put onto each card - not exactly a princess, but something that we BOTH love. That was new. Before all the cards we've been making were flat - hand painted, hand printed, with scraps of paper, and stamps (here how we started and here the final layout from the last year). By the way the keepsake is pretty easy to put into the envelope and not bulky as I thought it might be.

I had white middle heavy paper (200g/m2), color papers, Marimekko napkins, paint, linen raw fiber, raffia and cheap net lace - that's all. Nothing fancy from the world of card making/scrapbooking. Only simple things. Only basic essentials. Plus something new for a challenge and inspiration. It was fun. And mostly it's my project, because we didn't have much time to make them together, so I've been working mostly during naptime in the mornings when my little girl was at school.

My thought afterwards? I like how it turned out. It's girly, it's full of colors and textures, it's combining lots of techniques I already know pretty well and love, but also introducing some new materials like linen raw fiber and raffia, and working 3D. I wish I'd work less alone on them and more with my little girl. I could have possibly developed an idea of monoprinting with her, or small collage, but the time was short. Anyway she was inspired and is now working on her own pixies which is great. 

Curious about how exactly they've been made? Come over by the end of the week - for TWO step-by-step tutorials how to make the cards and the pixies. Stay tuned!

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