Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Workshop for kids - making a birdy

Looking for a fun idea how to keep kids busy for half an hour during an anniversary party? Skip if not, or stay otherwise, because it's easy, fun, with very nice and pleasant results. All you need is some extra stuff, that is easy to find at any craft and construction materials department store. Today I only show you the mock-up, which I've prepared to see if it works. And yes, we've already finished them with kids, but I have unfortunately no photos with finished birdies which I could share.

The busy part was to craft them prior to anniversary, which took me three sessions - paper balls glueing, support making, assembling altogether and staining, and you have to have at least two days, because they have to dry thoroughly in between.

The kids got the birdies on supports, then they painted them with acrylic paint, put eyes and feathers. Sounds easy, right? And quick. In real life it was easy - yes, but not as quick as I expected  - our little participants wanted to exchange colors, they spent some time to color them properly, and then they mixed colors and watched, and helped their neighbors. I've planned about fifteen minutes for that project, and we've spent like thirty-five minutes or so.

ADDITIONALLY: I've stained wooden supports, because it was cheap wood that I was using, so staining it was better. Beaks were made of pencil tops, which was intriguing for kids - making a birdy which can WRITE! And we only put eyes and feathers. No wings, as in the mock-up, otherwise the whole workshop would take fifteen minutes more, and the kids (4-6 y.o.) would get tired to continue at that point.

I'm going to repeat this workshop one more time, and hopefully get some pics for you. Stay tuned.

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