Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fabric hearts - DIY keepsakes

As promised, the short tutorial how to accompany a gift card or make a simple yet special gift - a heart keepsake. I've got some scraps of an omnipresent Marimekko's classic - the fabric with Unikko motif. I might be obsessed with this motif, but it's just THAT great in my opinion. I do love lot of other fabric designs from Marimekko, I honestly do, but I somehow end up always buying a scrap of that design. And this time they were there, two tiny scraps waiting for me to come over and get them out of a discount basket. Too small to make anything, unless two pockets or maybe a collar and a bias tape for a dress. I've got them anyway and then it sparkled the idea of making a decorative keepsake since I've been busy making cards in the same design and similar colorway.

Then came also this idea of putting a small bell inside them. But they didn't have to look like toddlers rattles either. So that's how I've put a message there on a separate tag. Two friends who've got to get them were going to move abroad, so the message was about keeping memories and making them smile far away - each time when they ring the keepsake's bell there'll be a friend thinking of them right at the moment.

So basically there's a heart to sew with two pairs of contrasting fabric, a thread with a bell (top side), another thread with a bit of something like raffia and maybe a bead to add a new color to better match the card (bottom side). Some lavender if you like, and just sew it up - it's ready to go now.

That's it. It's easy, believe me, it's quick and it's just looking special and it will be special for your friend, since that's something you've put your time, effort, joy and love into.

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