Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cards and bookmarks DIY

During holidays time we've been trying to paint big with my little girl. The result was not THAT big as I've imagined, somehow she's been merely filling the BIG surface with LITTLE elements. Since we've filled them haphazardly with LOTS of things, they've been looking busy and not consistent. So we failed the BIG theme, but we've found another funny way of making use of that.

We've been working both on the same sheet at the same time, and made marks, bubble foil prints, hand free doodling etc. to each other's part - no fancy techniques that I'd control or had to guide, just simple surface filling. And yes, we stick to pink and  orange, but added some green afterwards.

I cut the sheet to cards (square about 15 x 15 cm), and bookmarks (about 20 x 4 cm) with my roller blade and patchwork rule. Lately we've been drawing a lot with ink and bamboo pen, it's just so shiny and differently black as opposed to the uniform black of felt tip pen. So we filled the cards and bookmarks with simple ink drawings. We've given them as season greeting cards and as little gifts to family and friends.

Meet happy cards and the happiest bookmarks ever!

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