Wednesday, January 15, 2014

DIY framing

Recently I've been thrifting and that's how I got a couple of new/old (depends on definition, and I got like half dozen to be honest) frames. Good condition, good so to speak bones, bad colour (not in itself, but for my project), some cheap inserts. That's been the start.

Remember, I've been talking about cards in my previous post. One of them was not a simple card, but a portrait according to my little girl. And off we went with a simple idea of framing that portrait as a gift.

I took acrylic paints, sanding paper, cardboard and cutting machine for photo mounts - that's how I've spent one evening measuring, cutting the mount, painting it, sanding and painting the frame, re-sanding, and re-painting in slightly another shade to enhance and give some patina. That's all. As easy as it sounds, believe me.

Meet a nice little present I'm so jealous about and would love to keep it for me. Except that it's not my piece of art, and I've been only framing it and playing with my flea markets finds (and there've been A LOT recently, follow the blog for updates!). Me so likey! Just that maybe for me I'd paint the frame and the mount in different shades of teal.

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