Friday, January 24, 2014

Thrifting for a kitchen nook (kid's room)

Remember, I was talking about thrifting for decorating/finishing my little girl's room? That's what was found at a flea market a couple of weeks ago - a WOODEN CUPBOARD - the fruit appear on the photo to give you a general idea of scale. The whole piece is about like 50 x 70 cm, I'd say, I haven't measured it. And look at those great curly lines, at the shape, isn't it just AWESOME?

It was dusty, coated with something like yellowy varnish, making it just look incredibly old. It was actually too small as a cupboard for adult kitchen, but perfect for child kitchen.

And here's what I did: cleaning, another cleaning, and another cleaning. Sanding, demoing the knobs, and coating with primer. Not so much, to let see the wood grain - that's something I love about old furniture, it's all about wood, good wood, solid processing, and it doesn't need to be coated that much. I wouldn't maybe paint it either, but it had to turn white. It's not like white washed, but you can still see the grain here and there after two slim coats of glossy white. Now I need to paint the new round knobs in contrast colour.

Now that brand new old cupboard gets filled. I went thrifting, back again.

I've found LOTS of weird items - like little copper toy vessels, a copper pan, a tiny replique of a russian samovar (about 12 cm height), some pottery in size and colour which I liked, a weird piece of finnish wooden cup - see by youself.

It all somehow looks weird, I know. Each time I look at it I think like "Oh my, I LIKE it, but it's WEIRD!". It's somewhere on the edge, when something is looking THAT disparate and unusual that you keep asking yourself if you LOVE it or HATE it.

Update: I got more thrifted items for that cupboard a couple of days ago, and yes, they are ALL weird, of course! I start thinking that I'd rather love than hate it. Come to see how the kitchen nook is going to look like next week!

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