Monday, January 20, 2014

Oblong pillow case with BLUMENFEE

Somewhere in August 2013 I've shared the peeks from the makeover of my little girl's room.

I didn't have any particular mood board or Pinboard in mind back then, except that I wanted colour, bold pattern, strong contrasts, and that I could clean up everything quickly without much thinking, hence I wanted organisation.

Now since a couple of weeks I got back to that unfinished project - same leitmotif, new ideas, new pieces (flea market finds - old and not-so-old ones), happy me!

Since August each time I come into this room, I feel happy about the makeover start. Yes, a lot was left undone, but still I'm more like feeling happy about the accomplished part than unhappy/bummed about what was left undone. I needed a break back then and wanted to step aside and get back later with fresh mind and eyes. I haven't known "later" would come in half a year!

Now here's the trigger - the new oblong pillow case. I've done it recently and it got me thinking about how to style it right - like putting a bed into another corner, getting maybe nice night stand or rather some similar but more functional table, some accessories, something possibly old, vintage, thrifted. Finishing the kitchen corner, decluttering.

Do you ask me if my little girl needs all that drama about designing her room? NOPE! She's happy playing amidst plastic containers and completely immerged in her games, not caring for how the furniture pieces all work or not work together, let along curtains, linen bedding, having a perfect kitchen corner etc. Yes, I'm mostly doing it for my own pleasure, blame the selfish me!

There's gonna be at least one post on finishing the room coming soon, but for now just let me talk pillow! I'm so insanely in love with it (that's why there're many close-ups for more details). It's representing everything that I've learned, distilled and acquired of knowledge how to work with fabric in MY WAY, how to make my favorite techniques work together, how to work with composition, how to translate it into a fabric surface, so many how to's that took me months of errors, trials, unfinished or unsatisfying pieces.

I have painted first with a brayer, then I've hand printed flower motifs from my lino plates. Then came the hand doodled flower drawings. And at last came the appliqué, being free motion stitched. The backside is soft cotton corduroy in pink. That pillow case measures about 75 x 37 cm and is zipped and fully lined. Sounds short and easy, but for me it's just jam packed with colors I love, with patterns I love, with textures I love, it just makes me THAT happy!

Oh the happy, bright and colorful pillow with the Blumenfee (flower pixie) which is spicing up our little reading nook! Yes, it looks still somehow spartan now, but within a short time you'll see more!

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