Monday, January 13, 2014

New topics, new goals, new working methods

After having spent time on working on /making resolutions I was at some point ready to admit that I actually prefer setting monthly goals,  because resolutions 2014 sound like major commitment I'm not quite sure to be ready to sign up for. Please meet my goals for the rest of january:
  • planning projects 1-2 weeks ahead and writing posts on them in advance,
  • getting regular on the blog, like 3-4 times a week.
I've been tempted to get retrospective and analyze what pan or didn't pan out last year, and I finally cut out that section. The main lesson that I've learned last year is that planning,  making lists and keeping track of ideas is hugely HELPFUL.  I couldn't emphasize that strong enough.

Since working for like three to five hours non-stop, as well as starting and finishing one project within one day to blog about it the same day is not possible any more,  I now have a lot of projects on hands running over week or longer,  making one small step here during one short nap or another small step there.

Now I'm pulling my resources together for exclusively working for several days and then writing my posts for the whole week in advance during one to two days a week. And that's what I'm doing today - writing posts based on projects that we've made last week. That means that from tomorrow on till Sunday I'm going to work on projects that I've planned to be presented next week and spending next Monday and maybe partly Tuesday to write about four posts on them that go live daily throughout the week. That's my new blogging/work model for 2014.

And here're the topics I'd love to spend my time on and share with you this year:
  • Drawings/PORTRAITS/peeks into sketchbook
  • Crafty projects with KIDS
  • UPcycling/Thrifting
  • SEWing projects/mixed technique
  • STATIONERY/cards & Co/albums
  • Affirmations/canvas & mixed technique (like „LIFE is ABOUT...“)
As I'm writing those lines, almost all the post for that week are ready to go live. Now I can get back to projects, work, family, the blog is fed up with content for one week. Oh, happy me, why didn't I make this shifting earlier!

P.S. below my new thrifted darling featuring new project (pillow) and new obsession (sheep skins - it's pretty cold in Finland right now). Just waiting to get in with a cup of tea and a book.

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