Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mosaic making with FIMO

This Christmas Santa's brought us a mosaic kit (for kids). A big cardboard box filled with LOT of supplies and pretty easy-to-go and everything included, like this one. Yes, it's for kids from 8 y.o., but with some help, encouraging and smaller steps (my little girl turns five this spring) it was a no-brainer. She was HUGELY motivated to do it ALL DAY LONG during holidays, so that I actually had to impose breaks. That all means I started thinking about how to continue the mosaic adventure, but with more freedom as a kit can offer.

About the bespoken kit - we've learned A TON about how to create the motifs on mosaic pretty fast without any pain or mistakes. No need of supply shopping, everything is included. I also appreciated the small scale of stones, so that you can create great composition on a not-so-big surface like jewelry box, a plate or a small mirror from the kit. I wouldn't buy it another time, for there've been some points bugging me, BUT still.... it's a GOOD starter kit, to see if mosaic is appealing to you and to get a right amount of basic knowledge to get more freelance.

A picky me wanted to try out wooden supports and really nice colors - teals, broken greens, pinks, softened orange, all the usual suspects if you follow me since a while.

Now let me be fast and short in my "how to put your own twist on mosaic" with help of FIMO (as opposed to what a kit can offer). Here's what I did:
  • Got blocks of FIMO soft in different shades.
  • Mixed them into six colors I needed.
  • Rolled, cut and baked them according to manufacture instruction.
  • Went thrifting and got some fun wooden supports and small wooden frames.
  • AND off it went into playing with different arrangements to see how it all comes out.
You should have seen the smile on my little girl's face happy about the brand new up coming mosaic project! She's gonna get a new project, we get some nice accessories, art directed by me or simply messy and improvisational, I get blog content and we have FUN! Win-win, isn't it?

See the happy mosaics coming out nicely with easy motifs? Stay tuned to see the results!

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