Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pillow case TURLUTUTU # 2

This one here is another pillow from the fun serie inspired by TURLUTUTU (see the post from the last week here). The first one appeared simply straightaway without much preparation, and for the second we just took a story, like Turlututu and Tarlatata (his little friend) are taking walk in tulip garden, just to narrow down all the options which appear pretty fast when you propose that kind of project to a kid. Like "No mommy, I'd rather draw a fish" or "Can I also draw something else onto monoprint plate? - What? - Bunnies!" - Bunnies?". But after she was aware about the leitmotif, she was ready to play the game and stick to tulips. 

And yes, of course there's been a fish drawing as well. Which got by the way the starting point for another fun sewing project. And we got a monoprint with bunnies either, which is just awesome and I'm thinking about framing it. Or maybe sew something else.

This time I made a quick drawing in PS, and we made together the decisions about colors, like "That tulip monoprinted piece - is orange or pink better?". It was fun and helpful.

The techniques here are all the same that we used in the previous one, I just want my little girl to know and understand them better and get more confident:

#1 free hand drawing with liquid paint directly on fabric (Turlututu and Tarlatata in black on natural linen),

#2 monoprinting on fabric (tulips in orange, the vertical piece on the left),

#3 stenciling (working with paper screens) - the olive green dots underneath the applique part, made with fabric paint and sponge. And we've also rolled some light olive green paint to make the backside for our "tulip garden" appliqué (this way the fabric tulips stand out better).

The last technique - making the applique  (#4) - is the most demanding one, so I help with cutting the fabric according to the drawing she makes. She made tulips (different colors) and leaves (orange blend), I cut them out and free motion stitched them with sewing machine.

Then I finished it trimming pieces to rectangles, sewing them together, adding the backside (pink corduroy), inserting the zipper and lining the case. And here we are with a happy new pillow!

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