Saturday, March 15, 2014

Canvas, paint, stencil for a quick craft project WITH kids

Today a little tutorial about how to keep the kids busy for like half an hour with some ordinary acrylic paint, canvas, stencil, bubble-foil, glue and kitchen sponge.

There're FOUR steps:
  • coating the canvas and bubble-foil printing - let dry a couple of minutes. It's just THAT easy, using the kitchen sponge - kids LOVE it.
  • painting banana paper in necessary colors (this step I made alone, banana paper is fragile, so kids can easily tear it, when it gets wet because of paint).
  • sketching flowers, cutting, gluing on the canvas. In our case the kids applied the glue and I helped placing the flowers, because kids would be tempted to make a bouquet all over canvas. For this project flowers had to be in the bottom part, to leave the space for a coming bird. And honestly, I've been so tempted to help them sketch nicely rounded flowers. See, the ours are edgy, irregular and actually not what I'd have expected. But if that's what and how they draw, so why not?
  • after the glue is dry, print the bird (golden paint + stencil + kitchen sponge) and call it a day. The glue from the previous step has to be dry, otherwise, your stencil sticks to the canvas while applying the golden paint.

An the end I wanted to put a message on that canvas. Since this canvas had to be offered to the mum of the kid, we wanted to put something like "For my dear mum", but we hadn't time.

If it's appealing to you, or you're making this as a gift, go consider let you kid write a message on a piece of white silk paper, that you'd glue later when the message is dry. Silk paper becomes almost transparent when dry, and it looks like the message has been written directly on canvas.

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