Saturday, March 22, 2014

New Moomin house

REcycled materials this time: an old MDF shelf.

Remember, recently while talking about Moomins I've said that some pieces needed to be re-made. And here's the reason: the props for this projects live at my desk now, while we rearrange them, add new, work on old ones. And I have kids around, also friends of my little girl. They like to play with the Moomins, and that's how the house got an uplift - it was built anew. The old one was nice, but flat, nothing more than a decoration. The new one is more roomy, and inviting to play.

And it was made from an old shelf I've got from the charity shop - the measures of that board defined the measures of the house (the basic frame, without the frontal wall). The shelf gave me two vertical, two horizontal, and two askew sections, the leftovers were used for the small entrance construction.

The outer walls were covered with a placemat, which I glued and staple gunned additionally. The roof blocks are cardboard, that needs to be painted and varnished. Inner walls will be painted white. Window is FIMO (yes, I've got the entire house into the oven to bake that FIMO element, which could only be added at that step, lucky me, the house fit in perfectly).

To be honest, we do not need THAT detailing for our theater piece. It's more like thinking about sustainability, multi-purpose, usability  - the old house would fail at all those points, the new one scores more of those points

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