Tuesday, March 18, 2014

NEW - a toy spacecraft from recycled materials

REcycled items this time: wooden kitchen utensil, plastic caps.

Remember, I've been talking about recycling wood, and that I've recently purchased a big chunk of disparate wooden items in a local charity shop to turn them into toys/craft projects/whatever? Here's how I've re-purposed one of those items into a spacecraft

More on that: it was actually a piece of wood to be used to make well, mashed potatoes or something similar, like crash the walnuts. We had one of those when I was a little girl, and I think we still have one, but not use as much, because of many other fancy or not so fancy electronic devices to chop, crash and squash. Now I got a couple of them from the charity shop - a cylinder one and a couple of cone shaped.

And that how the cone shape turned into the body of that spacecraft. I apologize for not having the "before" photos, I have a cute little helper now, who pulls himself up everywhere and is curious about everything and anything what I'm doing. I got blurred photos and had to delete them.

Back to the spacecraft: the main cone piece (the thickest one) from that wooden mashing kitchen utensil, PLUS the plastic caps (blue), PLUS a BIG cap from a bottle of washing liquid (green), some heavy aluminium wire, FIMO (as usual), and that's all! I twisted the wire ends, so that there's no chance they "leave" the caps where they are nicely enclosed with FIMO modelling clay.

Oh, I forgot a piece of chalkboard foil - see, I've doodled the happy alien face with a chalk? The distorted blue window frame was made of FIMO as well.

I'm preparing a tutorial on this spacecraft coming soon. Stay tuned!

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