Saturday, March 8, 2014

Making gift wrapping paper - DIY tutorial

Sometimes you can easily pick up some nice gift wrapping paper. And sometimes all you see around is pink princesses, or cars, or you've already attended so many children anniversary parties, seeing all the same gift wrapping papers, that you can hardly imagine going to buy another roll of one of those. Well, that's me, my friends, sick of commercial glossy pink princess gift wrapping paper.

That's how it came to making a piece of my own paper, based of some old pieces of brown paper (yes, recycled) we had around. Pink, colorful, bold and with simple and fresh patterns. 

It was quick, easy and gratifying. It would be even more fun if we'd made it with my little girl, but I didn't have time. Next time we need gift wrapping paper, she'll certainly put her own twist on it. Stay tuned!

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