Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Moomins are evolving

You know what's a bummer about working with little plan? That's that: you may create something you actually do not need, and it's sort of wasting time, right? That's what happened to me working on Moomins: I made Snufkin (Snusmukriken) and Little My both in the same technique, because 
  • Snufkin is the best friend of Moomin, so he just has to be;
  • I didn't want to crochet all the guys, so those ones were great opportunity to try out some doll making other than knitting/sewing/crocheting;
  • and they are pretty similar in construction. 
They were almost ready as I realize, that I actually have no scenes with Little My. And Snufkin is actually not that important either.

And here we come to a bummer turning into the stroke of luck - I still have no plan how to integrate those, and it'd be difficult to act them all in one piece with our four hands (mines and my little girl's). 

BUT! I love how they fit into the picture how it all of the sudden looks alive. Many adjustments have to be made yet,  we need backdrops, of course, and details, and finally the place to stock, but it start looking like something interesting and inviting to play.

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