Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday randomness

Last week has been a silent week here, my friends. And a silent week normally means I have some extra urgent projects or someone's sick. And the last one was a bit of both. 

Planning is useful and helpful, yes it is, but on weeks like those your ToDo list is getting out of control, it's manageable, of course, but the next thing you know is that the week is over, you've been crazy busy and nothing has been posted.

Now I'm back with LOT of stuff to talk/write about.

First, remember I've announced that challenge about turning my charity shop's "treasures" into fun and useful things? And yes, I've started with the spacecraft. Now the march is ending, but that basket is still full of timber waiting to re-incarnate. 

So I thought. And crafted, and re-arranged, and re-thought. And here's the new idea - I'm not only going to make disparate things, but a big chunk of content of that basket is turning into a farm. A play farm. We have one, a plastic one. And now we're going to have a funky one. Mixed of timber, FIMO, some leather scraps, possibly some virgin wool (sheep) and something else.

My little boy is going to turn one year soon (oh my, is that what I'm writing? One year, and he's going not to a be a sweet little baby anymore. One year... I just have to write it one more time to realize better. I remember writing the lines somewhere back in May last year, after the comeback from maternity clinic about new life, new challenges. And then it's getting more routine - diapers, nursing, walks, plays, simple and yet fulfilling family life. And yes, of course, there're things happening for the first time like giggling, laughing, crawling, going upstairs, standing up, teething, it's all magic and so new. And then comes the moment you tell yourself, my baby's turning ONE year, and it's just breath taking. One whole year, and it seems like this little baby boy has been living here since like ever. But it's just one year. A whole big first one year. It's magic, my friends. It's simply magic!). 

Anyway, this farm would be a nice little present, since yes, we have plenty of toys, and not going to buy any. But we need a birthday gift. So that's the focus of my recycling work in coming weeks - turning disparate old timber into a play farm. Side note though: there're some other projects coming along other than a farm. Stay tuned!

And today I'm sharing peeks into what comes next. More on that soon.

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