Tuesday, March 4, 2014

REcycled pixie - DIY tutorial

RECYCLED ITEMS this time: package cardboard, lace.

Today I'm sharing another short tutorial how to make use of package board and thrifted lace pieces to create some nice pixies/angels or whatever, you name it!

This time it all got started with a piece of old lace (not so old, but thrifted, something synthetic and cheap, but lace-y). The idea was to make advantage of the transparency of the lace, hence make the wings look airy and delicate

I tried out ironing the lace pieces between rhodoid plastic sheets.

Ironing them ONTO rhodoid with iron-on fusible interface (like bondaweb) didn't work, lace gets peeled off quickly and doesn't hold. I put the lace IN BETWEEN of two rhodoid sheets, ironed through the baking paper and called it a day. Not bad, my friends, not bad! A bit shiny though, because of rhodoid nature, but it's not bothering me so far. The first idea was getting them rigid with cornstarch, but I wanted it to be more play-proof (because my little girl is constanlty rearranging everything we create, so those pieces need to be torn-resistent).

And another important point is working with different materials:

1) the body of cardboard layers with chalkboard foil
2) wings in lace and plastic
3) head made of wooden sphere, FIMO, glass and wooden beads (eyes and nose). 

I started with two of them, but the second one is not coming out as I expected, so I have to adjust. Stay tuned, I'm going to get back with more of them.

Next step would be to try out making them with my little girl and seeing which twist would she put on them!

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