Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Moomins - Snusmumriken and Pikko Mu from SCRATCH

I've bought recently a wood-burning pen. I wanted it since awhile but didn't have any idea what I I'd use it for. Until I had to make Snusmumriken (swedĂ­sh) and Pikko Mu (finnish) to complete our Moomin story. 

Yes in my book there're instructions how to crochet them, but as much as I do enjoy crocheting Moomins, I I knew I'd try out another technique for both aforementioned just for a change. And that's how I got to buy this wood-burning pen - to "draw" the faces on wooden spheres which I'd take as heads.

And as I've written recently I'm a bit behind my working schedule, so now I'm just sharing pics of how-to without much detail and only with this short description. Here's what I did so far:
  1. cut cardboard circles
  2. made/glued "layer cakes" with circles of different sizes, each size was cut three times, with intervals of 0,5 cm between different diameters (6 cm, 5,5 cm, 5 cm and so forth). Eight different sizes were made for Snusmumriken, six for Pikko Mu (and that was fast - a very quick way of making cones from scratch)
  3. drilled holes for legs and necks in dried cones
  4. made shoes of FIMO modelling clay, put them on pieces of wood sticks, baked
  5. burnt/drawn faces on wooden beads
  6. put together, checked, adjusted balance and applied some strong glue into holes to hold better.
That's all, come next week to them all!

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