Monday, March 17, 2014

Upcoming pencil cases: SOMETIMES you win, SOMETIMES you learn

While making those pencil cases I suddenly noticed that at this very step there's a rare opportunity to see the BOTH sides of them in ONE picture - when the zipper is already sewn in, but the sides are not closed yet. 

And you know what? I guess those ones (not precisely those, but pencil cases in general) might be the only ones I'm gonna focus on in next months to fill my shop, which is still terribly empty. In small editions of four to six per design/colorway.

I'm gonna change designs, colorways for my cases, but neither the general idea, nor the look. I like the format, I like how I can easily make my favorite surface design techniques work together for them, I like that there're no complicated sewing operation once the surface is ready. There're LOT of "I like" about them, so be prepared to see more.

There's only one thing I'd like to improve about: I'd like to find the way how to plait my recycling principles into. Yes, of course I can simply put a patch here and there, and maybe that's what I'm gonna do, but for now I feel it could be something other than that. Stay tuned!

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