Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fabric printing

I‘ve been printing this morning and a bit yesterday evening as well. I'm always feeling excited  about mixing shades of paints, a couple drops of this, another drop of that - nothing comparable to the gloss, texture and smell of fresh paints - LOVE it!

I've finished cutting all the three linoplates, so here're the results, and I've just used two of them this time.

I‘ve recently told I would try a couple of pillow cases, so here we are with a couple of backgrounds – lino printing, bubble foil print and some free hand journaling. All other pieces like printed corduroy, rose and yellow olive scraps will be cut and compose some new pouches/pencil cases I‘m preparing. There's a couple of monoprints as well - from the paint leftovers, but it has been tricky, I need some more experience with regulating of paint viscosity  particularly for monoprinting on fabric.

I was surprised how the geometric ornament turned out, so I‘ve printed it right many times on different shades of rose-mauve-light red fabrics. I think it comes out nicely – so they would possibly be used solo as well, with a very few other elements for a couple of upcoming products. Now I'm gonna get back to finish my birdy soft book.

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