Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What is not supposed to happen while working...

This week I'll blog a bit less. Not that I've nothing to share, but my computer broke, hence there's LOTS of adjustments in terms of downloading and processing of pictures, and in fact working as well - still finding an iPad way to impracticable for very many things. I prefer waiting for my old device to get fixed, I sort of love it, because it's comfy and big, and so easy going for the way I work, and I like real keyboards, not digital ones. And progress in photo processing with all those temporary solutions is still at zero level, well, hopefully I'll get my old buddy with all the usual tools back.

Besides of that here's the finished piece, done and photo shot yesterday and finally here after some more adjustment work, way toooo much, in my opinion, well I've expected that.

It has been planned as sort of wall hanging as an eye-catcher for the little ones. But it can be easily rearranged, and represent a set of cute soft cards or toys, you name it. You can also frame it and make a funny wall decoration.

It has been entirely made of fabric, and it's a bit thick as well, because of nice thick wool batting, that I've put between the decorative layer and backside. Backside is heavy linen. I've freemotion stitched around through all the three layers, so they have sort of nice touch and there's no risk that any tiny elements get loosened.

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