Monday, February 18, 2013

New cushions /pillow cases for children

The cushions, I've talked about recently, are ready - cute deco objects for children's room, and completing the mobile, that has inspired me to continue exploring this animals' concept for another pieces. So maybe I'm gonna make some other items in the same line - like soft books of anything else - I'll keep you posted. Now my priority is in fact to finish all the pieces, that have been shown here lately, but still remain in "in process"-mode. I hope this week I can post more about finished products, and start re-filling my Etsy-shop.

These ones are basically made of heavy linen and what is known as coarse silk - actually pretty heavy fabric with distinctive, a bit irregular texture, yet nicely smooth and fluent, and with subtle satiny gloss - one of my new favourites. The backsides are all heavy linen. No buttons, or other ribbons attached there, because of safety issues for little babies. The front side is as usual - variety of fabrics, linen, cottons, a couple of scraps of mixed fabrics. All free motion machine stitched in sort of messy way, as if I would doodle my animals by means of stitching - pretty similar to how I sketch initially the basic idea on a piece of paper with a pencil.

Size is about 28 x 38 cm. I'm gonna upload them on Etsy soon, but if you're interested to buy, let me know. These ones are already "almost gone", the next ones're gonna be pretty the same, and then I might vary a little bit the colours.

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