Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Upcoming soft book

Yesterday I revisited the idea of a soft book with birds. I just completely re-made the concept. Now it‘s more story-like (the order of pages will change after sewing), though there isn‘t any story, at least not explicit one. I‘ve added more elements for a bit more visual and contextual interest, so that this time it is not only about birds. That gave me quite an interesting opportunity to explore the page layout, and think a bit differently as I used to with my previous books - that was challenging and I liked it.  I also made use of some fabrics I would otherwise not consider, like lace I bought actually for material print.

Well, this one has been pretty work-intensive in terms of time for cut‘n‘fuse. So actually this morning before getting started I‘ve been thinking about maybe putting the design into other products – like pillow cases or a blanket, because that would be a bit TOO much work for a soft book. So I got started asap, or I'd have spent more time thinking of all the "what if's". I have to check out those possibilities next, but first I'd like to have the book. A couple of pillow cases would be nice, though, and I could add some printing and more layers.

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