Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fun project apart - stationery designing

Well, in fact I have other projects to be shared – like my new soft book is ready, I‘m making new pillow cases, but today it‘s about a simple project. Stationery design. 

I do love stationery, all the cute cards, old cards, quirky notebooks, smaller ones, bigger ones, especially when there‘s some handcraft involved -  like hand printing, material mix etc. And I collect all sorts of papers – gift wrappings, flower wrapping, old envelopes, snippets here, scraps there, cardboards. Don‘t ask me why, I simply cannot throw them right away, so they‘re all waiting for the time to come.

So cards…

The basic idea was to change the scale, work small and use leftovers. I‘m constantly cutting something, so pretty often I have like square inches, even smaller scraps, or miscuts of beautiful or hand printed fabrics – I cannot bring myself to through them away, so they are slowly overgrowing the size of a little recipient I‘ve found for them.

Armed with a couple of drafts I‘ve made yesterday before going to bed, I‘ve spread my snippets all around my studio place and got started. Only with fabrics, papers would maybe come in handy next time.

The realisation implied some extra cutting though. I‘ve fused them onto a piece of heavy linen and free motion stitched around – fun‘n‘easy. And it was quick. Afterwards I‘ve glued them onto a couple of blanco cards and some notebooks, that I‘ve bought on occasion this fall to practice some customizing, like mabe printing or sewing on their covers. 

I've already worked with card design - by means of lino printing, and it was somehow not satisfying, so I've stopped for like months. Now I've realised what I've been missing - mixed media approach, spontaneity, and that each card would be individual, richly textured, because this way of designing is highly variable and allows all sort of experiment.

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