Friday, February 22, 2013

Trust in your dreams - new serie of pencil cases

I've spent last couple of days working on finishing a couple of pieces that got stuck in processing in last weeks.

I've begun them quite fast, working based on a simple sketch and all they need was stitching and finishing. But as it happens quite sometimes, and that time as well, something was missing. So I've started searching and trying. In the meantime I've been continuing my animals-for-new-borns serie, lino carving for upcoming stationery projects and those pieces were sort of a bit laid back. 

Wednesday I've forced myself not to work on anything easy going and worked that way two days long, without blogging about the steps in-between. Blogging can sometimes have quite pleasing photo results and it sort of turns me off from the real piece and slows down the work. And it came - the solution for cushion covers with printed background and hungarian-inspired applique motifs (to be posted next), the solution of graffity-like journaling for pencil cases (here) and also to enhance the floral printed and appliqued pouch covers with geometrical shapes and lace fragments (almost finished, to be posted next). 

After the surface is "completed" I can go into finishing without having that very uncomfortable feeling, that the front side is somehow still raw, half-made and yes, simply missing something. The feeling that I missed exploiting the potential and left it a few steps before the finish line. I've already gone through a couple of projects that were finished despite of that bug - not a good idea, so now I prefer to stick and not give up till the Eureka!-moment comes. 

Now they're done, it all feels right and I'm happy to move over/or back to my animals' serie and to lino prints.

Some technical details on this new serie TRUST IN YOUR DREAMS - these are zipped pencil cases, richly patchworked on the front side with hand printed fabric pieces, with some journaling and monoprinting as well. The applique motifs of flowers, other shapes and lettering is free motion stitched or made with fabric paint. The cases are padded and fully lined with some pink mixed (linen, cotton, viscose) fabric. They measure appr.  23 x 12 cm each. 

One of them is reserved. If you are interested to have one, let me know, I'm gonna list them on Etsy next week, they are 35 euro each.

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