Sunday, February 10, 2013

Up and coming pencil cases with hand printed fabrics

These pieces for upcoming pencil cases have been prepared a couple of days ago, but not fotoshot yet. So here they are. Inspired from the dahlia motif, that I've recently made as paper collage, with many stripes of my newly hand printed fabrics and some scraps of monoprints. And there's also something inspired by washi tape - bought for myself, but quickly turned into addiction for my little girl - there's nothing she's been crafting these last days without putting washi tape pieces on it.

It‘s all based on the same layout. I‘ve in fact wanted to make some of them with the same design, only varying the colourway, but I‘ve found myself changing details, replacing the main elements, so that only the basic structure has remained the same.

In the meantime I‘m working on new lino plates and also some new pouches in square format, to challenge myself. I'll keep you posted!

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