Monday, February 11, 2013

New upcoming projects for new borns

Yesterday I've started developping a couple of fun projects for very little ones - new borns, so it's more like room decoration projects, colourful and contrast.  So I've added a couple of blue shades and sketched some recognizable animals (well, not exactly, because of the bird).

I've made them sort of compact - lately I've started appreciating the way of work with as less cut rests as possible. That means the challenge of that project was to find the animal shapes that take the most of incircle surface, that I've sketched for each animal first, minimizing the negative empty space around them. And I also limited myself to animals that are common here, in Finland, sort of bringing some nature-related relevance (besides of bold colours that I've chosen).

I hope, I'd finish them soon - stay tuned.

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