Monday, February 4, 2013

Wild illustration monday - mixed technique

And here‘re some drafts for illustrations. For now I‘m playing around with different techniques and trying to find out how they all work together. And there‘re PLENTY. Do you know how many? Well, here they are:
  • Painting with bruch, painting with roller 
  • Printing with material (bubble foil), and lino print 
  • Sewing free hand 
  • Decoupage, collage of printed papers, natural fibers, silk paper, deco paper tissues, waxed paper, cardboard, fabric 
  • Monoprint – yes, what looks like a copy of a drawing (bird), is actually a monoprint, yes, it is! 
  • Sun is also a monoprint on silk paper. 
And all this being sort of basement for a bit more detailing, maybe pastel strokes here and there, and then comes texting. Pretty saturated, isn‘t it? I‘m curious to see what comes out at the end of my play…

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