Tuesday, February 18, 2014

About new challenges

Remember at the beginning of January I was talking about the month goals: working in advance, getting regular on the blog? It was about one month ago. A month is over now, and it's working! I appreciate that scheme a lot, but it's still not quite my second nature. That's why those are still goals to work on. As soon as things get more smooth I'll come up with new goals - making little steps, step by step.

BUT! I felt like I needed some new stuff to challenge myself in coming month (I hope you're okay with me beginning the month somewhere in the middle).

And that's the challenge of February-March: as one of major topics for 2014 I've been talking about working more on RECYCLING. And here are the treasures I've brought home from my last trip to the charity shop.

I'd like to have them all turned into useful and cute projects in probably six weeks from now on - by the end of March. You clearly see there're some stuff to make mosaic projects, but also some weird items to figure out what to make of them. For instance that squared keg with no bottom and a routed handle, which I got twice (in the middle line on the left, right under the boat on a wooden plate) - must be something popular, since I've seen like a dozen of them in a shop. Stay tuned, I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE: That month challenge grew bigger as I went another time to a local kirppis (thrift store in finnish) and got back with some more fun wooden items. Come by the end of the week to see the first results.

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