Monday, February 10, 2014

New wooden toy - TRUCK

The newest model - a truck. It's been awhile since I've been thinking about making a one of this kind, but lots of details that such a piece must or should have scared me. Untill I made a quick simple sketch, got that pretty clear yet simple shape and cut it out of a 18mm-wide pine board. Here the most simple solution was the right one - suggestive enough and very streamlined. Second step was drilling the apertures for wheel axes, and after that I got stuck with making a trunk. Oh, and I sanded and rounded the corners.

A couple of days later I've opted for a simple shape following the truck lines and not standing out much. It had to come out larger, which was not a problem since I knew I wanted chunky wheels standing largely out of that skinny carriage.

Yes, I've completely missed taking pics of how-to's, but this time I've often worked late at night, briefly. I'm gonna share the tutorial how I made wheels, but for the rest I guess I simply have to make another car and shoot it.

Making this truck got me thinking about toys in general. I mean, we have TONS of them already. Do we need more? And here's my point - yes, it's important in my opinion to have special toys. Special pieces, the ones that make you happy when you look at them, the ones you'd repair if they get broke, the ones that have a history, the ones that are unique in many ways. The ones that may smell wood. The ones that simply make a statement. Do children care? Admittedly not much, but it's not what I want to talk about. 

You know I write every once in a while that lots of things are happening/coming to life here because firstly I do not find something that fits me well enough, secondly I better spend my time crafting than shopping. This is why you have regular creative blog content here, my dear readers - I do not love shopping (except second hand/thrifting, construction materials stores or fine arts & crafts, or fabrics - already more than enough to doubt what I've just said above about shopping), and I'm picky about things that make me happy. Picky, meticulous, and obsessed with making things with my own hands, things that you, and me wouldn't see elsewhere around easily, things being handmade, well, yes, special in a sort of way.

And there's another point that I want to exercise more often now - RE- (or UP-)cycling to create pieces that make sense, that are made to be used/played with.  Each time I'm amazed at amount of useful, funny, or seemingly-looking-like-nothing-but-having-something-special pieces can be found at a second hand shop. And I love the idea about giving those pieces a second life re-purposing them in my projects. Till now I've only made it with furniture, or in a very small number or projects, but I LOVE the idea and want to practice it more often this year. Reclaimed wood, recycled plastics, that's the beginning of a big recycling adventure, my friends! Follow me!

Important note: I'm talking about useful, not only fun recycling. 

Don't get me wrong about plastic toys or plastic - I'm not opposed to plastic at all, it has huge potential (LEGO, just to name one) and it's irreplaceable in very many ways. I wouldn't banish it from my work (especially if I can recycle it), I like the contrast it makes to wood. 

I cannot help but feel that an entirely wooden toy, with no colour on it may look dated and heavy. Yes it can be partially painted, but then I came to the point I didn't want to hide the material under paint.

Bringing in plastic elements cheers the piece up, makes it light, and it's a nice pop of color! I really, really LOVE the way they work together!

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