Tuesday, February 4, 2014

DIY mosaic frame with FIMO

Some projects come from sketching or doodling from a scratch, others come from leftovers. After screen printing for the pillow OCEAN FISH we had some leftovers of blue paint on a plate and quickly  it turned into a monoprint - a fish-y one, and that monoprint turned a gift, and a gift needs a frame. If now one tells frame, me think "mosaic". That's all about how we got started on another mosaic decorated frame. 

We needed some softer colors though, bright, shiny and happy, but soft, and off it went to FIMO kneading, rolling, cutting, baking. I added some nice shades of light teal, pink, ochre, and grey to our already existent FIMO mosaic collection. 

Then we sat together a couple of days and put mosaics - glass nuggets on the center line all over this thrifted, cleaned, sanded and grounded frame, FIMO mosaics as petals around. 

We only had colorless nuggets, and we put some paint dots underneath to create a shade imitating sea water when the sun shines through. Which turned out maybe not quite as I expected - I should have used the glue that turns lucite without getting yellowy (my new glue - strong but with that bugging secondary effect), because as you see, at times there's teal, and at times it's looking more greeny, and that's not that awesome in my opinion.

Now there's more pictures step-by-step:

Putting nuggets, petals, gypsum, sanding and working with a bit of light teal paint to create patina effect, sanding again. And the final result - which would maybe look better if the monoprint were darker - something I have to try out next.

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