Thursday, February 20, 2014

Comet in Moominland - a little home theater DIY project

It's vacation time - my little girl's kindergarten is closed and she's staying home for a dozen of days. That was the one reason for the project I'm gonna talk about today. We needed something enough long-run to get busy each day every day during that dozen of days - so instead of a long list of short projects there'll be ONE. Another reason was making a special gift for a very special someone to celebrate his anniversary coming in march - and here we come with building up a little home theater for a short piece of story about a Comet in a Moominland. 

We opt for a quick version, but even a short one is pretty ambitious. I mean, yes of course it's principally to keep us busy, crafty, and put our activities into sort of perspective and DEVELOP a project together, watching it evolve from day to day, talking about it, making new things, stepping out of the comfort zone and making new memories.

Moomins are here EVERYWHERE, it's hard to miss them, if you have ever been in Finland with kids, you know what I mean. And recently I came across a book about crocheting Moomins - #1. And we're reading the Comet in Moominland now, and my little girl LOVES the drama around it - #2. That's all - those two put together just asked for a little pestacle (pun intended).

Now all we need are: Moomins (to be crocheted in the coming week), a Comet (see in progress) and FOUR scenery sets (Mooming climbing up the rocks, Moomins in the observatory, Moomins getting back to the valley, saving Snork Maiden, and Moomin family surviving the comet in the cave - Happy END). 

Sounds challenging, right?

Now about the Comet - we got styrofoam balls in THREE sizes, because the Comet IS approaching the Moominland, so it needs to grow bigger from scene to scene. 

We painted those balls in GOLD first, gold mixed with fine copper pigment powder to get more shine out of it. Second, they got a coat of glitter glue AND red and magenta glitter. (NOTE: this step is for someone not freaking out about glitter all around the place, otherwise just paint them in red and gold). Now they are drying. And we're admiring them - so bright, so happy - just what we need during those still grey days with barely snow, lots of clouds, rain, and fog. 

Next step will be to figure out how to make the tail.

Stay tuned and come back to see the progress.

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