Thursday, February 6, 2014

New upcoming zipper pencil cases

I'm sewing pouches, or pencil cases, you name it! This time though I've a bit changed the approach how to create a surface. Now it's less collage/patchwork, and a bit more like a canvas - printed, doodled, with elements of appliqué. I wanted to get it more in kinda layer technique, when I put some doodled elements ON top of printed ON top of paint coated fabric - the way I used to work on canvas. I find it challenging - not everything works out the same way, but all in all I like this approach. It lets me more freedom how to create a surface without automatically repeating the same scheme if I'd work in a patchwork technique, which I did before.

I you follow me since awhile you know what I'm talking about: I used to create little patches (printed, doodled, with hand journaling or stenciling), and then I had to sew them together, finding the right composition, which was sometimes tricky, and I had LOTS of leftovers usually. Of course I had some general idea of the composition in advance, but still it was more fun preparing/painting/printing/journaling on fabric than meticulously putting them together afterwards. Now I start with general composition that has to comprise as few patches as possible (but still enough to have different textures and more haptic interest), working with bigger patches with many of techniques at the same patch.

Those ones are continuing the theme I've started on canvas awhile ago, but left back then to figure out how to get it less busy and simpler: LIFE is ABOUT "being creative" was on that canvas, now it's "getting INSPIRED" and "GIVING, not RECEIVING" on those upcoming pencil cases.

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