Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Scene settings for Comet in Moominland

Our work on "Comet in Moominland" is going on. Those here are scene peeks and the some how-to's about making the Moomin house, making the mountains and the starry sky. They all are drafts from pics taken inbetween and retouched a bit in Photoshop. I cannot show you the final scenes yet - that post is coming in March after our project gets finished, goes live and will be performed.

In next days I'm going to focus on how we made the house, what the mountains look like in final version, and how we made the sky. Stay tuned! By all means it's HARD to talk more right now, it's a BIG job keeping both kids busy following what we have to do, and what I need to do for both of them, for the whole family, house, and my work. I did a big list for this week, and wonder how much we can check off without that someone burns out. Not that easy my friends, but it's sort of gratifying and encouraging, and motivating, and worth all the efforts.

Just some quick notes - the scene setting is about recycling and playing/crafting with my little girl. Yes, I could go and grab a nice rounded Moomin house all ready made (a small plastic one like about 45 cm height), which is a very popular kids toy here, but it wouldn't quite fit the idea, and there would be nothing to craft.  My objective though was to keep us busy and let my little girl develop her own ideas about the piece and elements. Okay, now it's more art directed by me, but she makes some interesting suggestions here and there. 

House: We took scraps of heavy cardboard, package cardboard (corrugated), cut them, and glued. It's getting painted now and there're some details being added. 

Mountains are heavy cardboard with a piece of jute cloth, and then we were pouring caster onto it until we get that geological relief we needed. That's all for today!

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